Mischelle Raftery

Mischelle will excite the audience and can speak on a variety of topics, all with passion and enthusiasm.  Pulling from her personal journey, audiences relate to Mischelle trusting what she has to say and having faith that she can impact their lives. 

Her speaking style is a mix of fun and depth .  Her goal with every event is not just to guide, but also to inspire people to make changes and take action.  Each event is entertaining, yet delivered with the purpose of impacting someone’s life on a deep level.   

Mischelle speak on a wide variety of topics:

Investing in Rental Property Using Your IRA

What is Your Investment Personality? 

Letting Go and MOVING On 

Dealing With All a Life Leaves Behind

How to Transition Between A Single Family Home and an Assisted Living Home

Attitude – Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life 

And More…

Please contact Mischelle to arrange a talk.