There is nothing more annoying than not being able to find out how much something costs or worse having to search for the price.  I wish I could tell you the exact costs, but truly every situation is different.

Maybe you’ve lived in your home for the last 60 years and now need to transition to assisted living or maybe your parents passed away and you need help dealing with everything that’s left in their home.  Or maybe you need a new roof, or a total remodel.  The possibilities are endless. 

Please email me, text me (310) 994-9278, or call me (310) 747-6075 or fill in the form below to request a consultation.  I will walk you through the various option and we can determine the best way to move forward. 

Vendor Note: All contracts for work are between the seller and the vendor.  In most cases, it is the sellers responsibility to pay the vendor.