Organization Services

Getting a home ready for sale is a huge and often daunting undertaking.  In many instances, years of wonderful memories have accumulated from the books you’ve read to special toys you save for your grandchildren.  Knowing how to deal with all your things is challenging.  That’s were I come up.  I can help you prioritize and get rid of that which no longer serves you or your family.  I’m ready to help. 

Total Clean Out

A total clean out is the reality. This may need to happen all at once, or in stages depending on the sale process.

  • Remove All Items
  • Arrange for Sales / Removal
  • Deal with Storage - Attics, Garages, & Storage Sheds

Estate/Garage Sale

Once you have determined what you will be taking with you and passing on to relatives, it's time to sell the rest of your items. Sell what you can!

  • Estate/Garage Sales
  • Advertising Sale
  • Manage the Sale


Clutter Happens! No matter how hard you try to keep clutter at bay, it will creep into your home. Moving is the time to deal with all that clutter.

  • Remove Clutter
  • Sell What We Can and Donate the Rest
  • Someone trash is another mans treasure ~ trash as little as possible


There are various points during the selling process that a good cleaning is necessary like before picture and just prior to closing.

  • Discuss Needs & Costs
  • Arrange For Cleaners
  • Let Cleaners In

What's Important

If you are downsizing or moving up, determining what to take with you and what to get rid of is essential. I offer tools to help you decide.

  • Determine What To Take
  • Creative Ways to Get Rid of Items
  • Keep What You Love


I will get 2 bids for moving and packing. Help you determine the best solution.

  • Contact Movers
  • Get Bids
  • Oversee Moving

Texas Real Estate Commission requires me to state that the licensee may receive compensation from contractors and vendors.